Shifting Gears

“We’re going to party like a rock star!” – Joe Wofford

As the calendar changes to 2022, we reflect on 2021 and begin to imagine what kind of party might be sufficient to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a Chapter of Women On Wheels®.

We have six months to prepare to host the 22nd Missouri Women On Wheels® (MO WOW) State Rally, seven months to make plans to attend the 36th Women On Wheels® International Ride-In™ and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Women On Wheels®, and twelve months to participate in weeknight/weekend rides, state lunches/events, monthly meetings, and other spontaneous gatherings.

Below are a few more highlights from 2021. We’ve already written about the annual MO WOW Touring/Photo Contest and International Female Ride Day.

In early May, we had the great privilege to host WOW president, Carol, and enjoyed a day of riding, eating, sightseeing, and laughter.
Later in May, Carol joined the members of MO WOW at the State Ride to Lunch in Warsaw, MO.
In June, we attended the 21st Annual MO WOW State Rally held in Monett. Hosted by Missouri’s Lady Cruisers of the Ozarks Chapter, we enjoyed the scenic roads in southwest Missouri.
Several members attended the 35th WOW International Ride-In in Lake George, NY. After several days of riding in the rain, these four opted to walk to dinner one evening. Cris suggested going down to the hotel’s front desk to inquire about trash bags that could be turned into makeshift ponchos. Hearing this, Jackie proudly pulled three ponchos out of her bag. Perhaps Jackie was a Girl Scout and trained to always “be prepared”?
In October, we took a fall foliage ride through Calhoun County via the Illinois River Road and Kampsville River Ferry. Although the fall foliage was sparse, there was still plenty of beautiful nature to enjoy.

Later in October, we participated in a “Trunk or Treat” event hosted by Jenean’s church. The treats, motorcycles, and Mr. Bones were spook-tacular. The chicken brought out her inner comedi-hen. Her taste in humor is im-peckable; pure poultry in motion.
We are grateful for the leadership of our Chapter Director, Alice, and are especially proud of our “Cover Girl,” as she appears on the January/February/March 2022 “Women On Wheels®” magazine.
Our Chapter lost an “honorary member” in December. Many of us first met Joe at the Lake George Ride-In, his most recent motorcycle trip. At his service, it was said that Joe loved to party. (Photo courtesy Jenean.)

Per Wikipedia, “A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration or celebration of a special occasion.”

We invite interested riders in the St. Louis metro area and beyond to join us in our 25th year. We have 12 months to party! Let’s get started.

By Cris

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