All [rocky] Roads Lead to Ice Cream

Editor’s note: The text in italics about the ice cream cone’s introduction at the 1904 World’s Fair and the history of Velvet Freeze ice cream is borrowed from

In the April/May/June 2021 issue of “Women On Wheels®” magazine, it was announced that this year’s Member Challenge is riding for ice cream. WOW wants unique and quirky pictures of ice cream shops taken while members spread the word about WOW.

For International Female Ride Day on May 1, the Heartland Chapter took on the ice cream challenge. Of course we would. St. Louis has a long history with ice cream.

“Legend has it that at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, a man purchased a waffle from a waffle man who happened to be next to an ice cream wagon. On impulse, the man rolled the fresh waffle into a cone, purchasing a scoop of ice cream and placed it inside his twisted waffle. The waffle man and the ice cream man saw the possibilities. Soon they were working together, selling ice cream cones.

By the end of 1935, brothers Oscar and Alexander Grosberg and Jacob Martin had formed Velvet Freeze, Inc. Within a year, Velvet Freeze had 50 stores in the St. Louis area. For many years, an 18′ tall fiberglass double-dip cone stood outside the two-story warehouse at 3230 Gravois. By June of 1986, the Velvet Freeze ice cream factory had ceased operation. The Affton School District acquired the cone in 1992.”

Velvet Freeze Plant, mid to late 1940s. Photo at
Roadside Attractions calls this the “Big School Ice Cream Cone”. You can find it on the grounds of Mesnier Elementary School at 6930 Weber Road in Affton, Missouri.

Only one Velvet Freeze remains in operation in the St. Louis area at 7355 West Florissant in Jennings. Unfortunately, the store was not open for business for another hour when we stopped and we decided not to wait. Happily, our ice cream cravings were not denied.

4 thoughts on “All [rocky] Roads Lead to Ice Cream

  1. Marie Long May 10, 2021 / 8:23 pm

    Thank you Cris for the article and historical facts. I was telling my Mom about our IFRD to Velvet Freeze. And she said she remembers going to Velvet Freeze as a kid when she lived in St. Louis.


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