Missouri State Women On Wheels®

The Heartland Chapter is one of four chapters that make up Missouri State Women On Wheels® or MO WOW.

Statewide events include:

  • Annual MO WOW Touring/Photo Contest
  • Annual Women On Wheels® Mileage Contest Kick-off Ride
  • Annual MO WOW State Rally
  • Annual MO WOW Fall Foliage Ride
  • Monthly Rides to Lunch

For information about the 2022 MO WOW State Rally and Touring Contest, go here.

For a full calendar of MO WOW events, go here.

The 2022 MO WOW State Rally was held in Boonville, MO (Heartland Chapter hosted)
The 2017 MO WOW State Rally was held in Cape Girardeau, MO (Heartland Chapter hosted)

The 2012 MO WOW State Rally was held in Chesterfield, MO (Heartland Chapter hosted)